Water Feature and Designs

Design & Build The Yard You’ve Dreamt Of

Bring Peace To Your Outside Space

Picture this: You’re in your new garden. The birds are chirping, a soft breeze is blowing, and you’re reading a book on your new patio. It’s a pretty picture, but there are several ways that you could enhance it. After all, one of the best things about outdoor design is there’s always something you can do to improve your current layout. Our favorite outdoor improvement has been, and always will be stunning water features. The sound of trickling water provides more than serenity to your garden. It’s actually excellent for your ecosystem and so much more.

Benefits of Outdoor Water Features

  • Improved Aesthetics
  • Boosts Curb Appeal of House
  • The Sound of Running Water is Therapeutic
  • Attracts Birds
  • Can Help Create a Tranquil Escape
  • Available in Multiple Shapes & Styles
  • Offered At Multiple Price Points
  • Can Be Tailored to Your Yard Design
  • Prevents Pet Hydration
  • And More

While it’s undeniable that a water feature is certainly an attractive addition to your yard, many people can’t even begin to visualize how much it can improve the ecosystem of the yard, as well as the look and feel of it. While the improved aesthetics is always a bonus, it’s a yard improvement that holds more than just incremental cosmetic improvements. 

The Sound

Anyone who’s occupied a garden or plaza with a fountain can likely attest to the calming effects that come from the sound of running water, but few are aware that there’s actually a fair bit of psychology behind this very effect. The sounds of running water are often used as treatment for insomniacs to help them sleep, due to an interesting interaction with the brain’s wiring. When you hear running water, it produces a calming effect because the brain interprets these noises as “non-threats” and the brain uses them to block out more alarming and annoying sounds. This was actually tested during a sleep study back in 2012. The study found that the brain drowns out louder, more annoying and abrupt sounds better if the sound of running water remains in the background. It acts as the perfect white noise for a mind trying to find rest and respite. Since that’s commonly an activity reserved for the garden, it makes a water feature a must-have in any good garden. 

 Attracting the Right Animals

Birds are one of the best predators that you can have attracted to your yard. They keep order in a way that no other store-bought regulator can. Birds can eat grasshoppers and other pests that might invade and start infiltrating your garden. Those pests will eat away at your plants and render your garden a wasteland rather than the lush wonder that you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Birds like water features and often come by to take a drink from a well cleaned and attractive bird bath or water feature. They’ll help you keep equilibrium in the tiny ecosystem of your backyard. 

Choose Your Fountain

One of the best parts about water features is that they are totally customizable. You can choose from a wide selection of designs to suit the style of your yard and tie-in certain elements that you were already trying to create. For example, if you’re trying to create a Japanese-inspired garden, a planly Japanese style water feature could be the piece of your garden that brings your design together. Additionally, while every water feature is totally customizable, it’s also easy to toggle the price point to fit a budget. They’re available in all shapes and sizes, which means the price point can vary widely.