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Snow Removal

Design & Build The Yard You’ve Dreamt Of 

Make Yard Maintenance Easy Year-Round

Colorado is known for its snow. People travel internationally to come and test out our ski slopes and experience the winter wonderland weather that we’re so well known for. But that doesn’t make snow a joy to have blanketing the landscape all the time. In fact, snow for most folks, loses its appeal after the first winter you stay in Colorado. So, when it comes to shoveling the walks and keeping your landscape under control in the winter, people all over Colorado collectively sigh. Luckily, Easy Green Landscaping is here to make managing your area’s snow production easy.

The Purpose of Snow Removal:

  • Makes Life Easier
  • Is Crucial For Small Business Survival
  • Weather Becomes Less of a Hindrance
  • Small Businesses Won’t Lose Business Over Unkempt Walkways
  • It’s a Safety Issue
  • Keeps Your Yard Looking Clean & Tidy, Even Without Foliage

When the cold winds blow, most people just want to bundle up, put the kettle on and lay on the couch. The season of yard work and maintenance is done and now they can relax as the press of winter rolls in. But, depending on the weather, you might have to go out more than you’d like this winter. With the new season a variety of other yard maintenance tasks start to add up. You’ll need the trees trimmed back once they lose all their leaves, because they’re safest from disease in the cold weather. You’ll need to go out every morning before work, wipe off the windshield, shovel the walk and sprinkle pet-friendly salt to make sure you’re safe when you walk on it, and ice can’t openly accumulate too easily. Plus, that’s just the beginning of the maintenance tasks that open up in what is supposed to be the quiet, contemplative part of the year.

Most folks don’t find shoveling, salting and de-icing their walkways very enjoyable. However, in most townships, the law requires that those areas are cleaned sufficiently to ensure that anyone who walks on those spaces is safe.

Someone could obviously slip and fall while walking through the snow on ice and that becomes a liability for your property. If they were to get severely injured you would be responsible for helping them pay the bill as you neglected the responsibility of keeping the property safe.

Additionally, snow isn’t very good for the state of your concrete. Indeed, you can get freeze and water damage from harsh weather conditions that can permanently damage the structural integrity of your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot. To prevent that sort of unwanted damage, you’ll need to be johnny-on-the-spot and get the snow up and off of your property’s walkways quickly. Letting it linger for days on end can break down the bonds in the concrete and create hazards and more repairs down the road. In fact, because it can cause so much damage, you’ll likely be saving a fair bit of money and time by investing in proper snow removal care.

Avoid Injury
Like any exercise or physical activity, it comes with a bit of a risk. Just ask the thousands of snow shoveling injury victims per year who suffer everything from minor issues to sever injuries just from shoveling their own snow. While overworking your muscles and tendons won’t feel good on your body, falling and being hit with a shovel is a much worse fate. Indeed, muscle, ligament, tendon and other soft tissue injuries are common in winter simply because of snow shoveling alone. If you get hurt, you may have to go to physical therapy and access chiropractic help after your initial health bills just to get your body moving and working the way it used to.

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