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There’s no doubt about it, the Denver and Centennial areas are surrounded by plenty of natural beauty. With the mountains framing the sky in the west and the wide, open and inviting prairies surrounding us to the east, we have plenty to set our eyes on when in search of nature and the peace it offers. What if you didn’t have to drive to a natural area to feel that peace? What if you didn’t have to wander at all to have a place where you could enjoy the silence and tranquility of a natural space? That’s where Easy Green Landscaping comes in.

Services Available Through Easy Green Landscaping in Centennial:

Landscaping in Centennial

People should try to focus on the things that they are good at in life. Here at Easy Green Landscaping, we happen to be experts at lawn care and landscape services. Centennial is but one of the many places where we operate. Instead of getting your hands dirty with flower bed maintenance, mulching and tree trimming, why not leave the job in the hands of our capable experts?

Why Choose Us for Lawn & Landscape Service Centennial?

If our credentials didn’t woo you yet, then we have something that will.

Let’s start with our years of experience in the business. Our experience that has enabled us to fully understand the customer’s needs, and wholeheartedly guarantee that the investment will be utilized wisely, and will exceed expectations. However, it is not only experience that makes us so loved by our clients. You may not have known, but Easy Green Landscaping is a locally-owned company. We know how important it is to invest in long-lasting relationships. In other words, we won’t just come, mowing your lawn, and disappear. We want to make you part of our great big family and take care of your outdoor space for as long as possible.

The company may have started as only a lawn mowing service, but it soon evolved into one of the most efficient lawn care and landscape service companies in the area. The services we provide include routine mowing and maintenance, custom fire pits & fireplaces, water features, and paver walkways.

We never do anything to your lawn until we have analyzed the problem in detail and discussed it with you. The care we have for clients and outdoors propels us upward, and the satisfaction of a job well-done will always motivate our staff. Give us a call today.

Easy Green Landscaping has been outfitting homes throughout the Aurora, Centennial and Parker areas with yards that they can be proud of. The benefits of a natural space close to home that you can cultivate and call your own are numerous, and our company is proud to act as a gateway to that joy.

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The Process

Our landscaping services feature full designs by landscaping professionals. It’s easier to leave it to the professionals because we’ll help you select from a list of plants that can easily survive the harsh Colorado winters and ever-changing weather. We can help you select a sort of difficulty level for the plants you do set into your landscape design. For example, you could choose easy to take care of grass and potted plants while choosing a few perennials that require a bit more TLC from time-to-time. We have the experience and knowledge to help you create a yard that is just the right amount of maintenance for you, your lifestyle, and your aesthetic needs.

Together, we can create a space that you can continue to nurture and enjoy for years to come. You’ll be able to enjoy another space that you can spend time in while at home, a place to entertain guests, and a way to increase the value of your home with a touch of natural beauty.

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