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There are numerous benefits to having a well-landscaped yard. Chief among them, is an expanded living space. If you’re feeling like your house seems a bit cramped and can get a little loud, open up the great outdoors to be a part of your at-home living space with a newly landscaped and refreshed yard. Easy Green Landscaping can professionally craft an outdoor space that’s easy to enjoy and is an extension of your home’s aesthetic.

Services Available Through Easy Green Landscaping in Aurora:

Landscaping In Aurora

It’s impossible not to notice a well-kept lawn. The front yard and front door are the first things people see as they walk past your house and, in most cases, first impressions will last forever. You don’t want people to remember you as the weird fellow who had dried up grass on his front porch.

Why not invest in your outdoor living space? Easy Green Landscaping is here to help you with this problem. This exceptional company offers lawn care and landscape service in Aurora for affordable prices.

With years of experience in the field, we are confident that we will do a great job by providing specialized lawn care and landscaping services, along with a wide range of other solutions that will improve the overall appearance and health of your yard, on the long-run. Easy Green Landscape knows what a hassle it can be to re-landscape the garden, and therefore we will also send our team of experts to analyze your garden in detail, and come up with a suitable arrangement of ornamentals, shrubs and plants. Practices such as hedge & shrub trimming, fertilization & weed control are only a few of the treatments that we can use for yard enhancement. Adding hardscaped walkways, custom fire pits or fire places, and even intricate water features happen to be a few of our specialties

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Besides the fact that we only work with seasoned specialists, our landscaping designs and installations are second to none. Nevertheless, it is not only the quality of work that makes us one of the best lawn care and landscape service company in the Aurora area. We have the greatest respect for our customers, and our goal is to provide them with complete satisfaction. Our locally-owned company cherishes qualities like punctuality, communication, and determination, so we will not rest until we have exceeded your expectations.

Based on the conclusions that we take upon thorough examination, we will decide what the “battle” plan will be and tailor the plan to fit your budget. You can be sure that we will take good care of your lawn, and transform it into a luscious paradise in no time. Call us today.

Looking for a way to increase the value of your home while expanding the amount of space you can enjoy with your family and guests? Some people jump to finishing a basement or adding a sunroom out the back door, but one of the easiest and most unique ways to expand your living space is by creating a yard you want to spend time in. Easy Green Landscaping has years of experience honing the land around folk’s homes to create a space that they feel is truly an extension of their living area.

With a newly crafted landscape, you’ll be able to enjoy a new place to entertain guests, a new place to go read a book, and perhaps a new place to go out and eat dinner fresh off the grill. It’s a way of getting out into the great outdoors that Colorado is famous for, without having to drive to and pay for entrance into a national park.

If you’re ready to start customizing, we’re ready to start helping you plan. Our process includes a top-to-to-bottom assessment of your landscape and your tastes. We’ll discuss your wants and needs for the space and explore how we can meet those needs while keeping the level of maintenance in the range you’d like it to be. We’ll help you select hardy plants, set up window boxes for annual flowers, plant trees in the optimal spots and so much more.

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