Lawn Aeration Services

Aerating your lawn is a necessary landscaping task that your lawn needs in order to look sharp and green for the whole season. If you’re like most folks in the Centennial area, the lion’s share of your yard is just grass. You may have some zero-scaping going on and maybe even a water feature tucked in near your back fence, but the fact of the matter is that your yard will only look good if the largest portion of it looks good. Luckily, the arid Colorado climate proves to be quite an environment for most grass species and makes it a little easier to keep it healthy and emerald green for the whole season. But, without aeration, your grass can only look so good for so long. Luckily, Easy Green Landscaping is here to make accessing the lawn care you need easy.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is the task of perforating the soil and the grass to create small holes across the lawn. These small holes allow water, nutrients, and fertilizer to get down to the roots of your lawn with more ease. This also helps your lawn’s roots grow more deeply into the soil and become far more resilient to topsoil freeze and issues like that which may affect how your lawn looks throughout the growing season. This is accomplished, not just by creating channels right down to the root system of the grass but because it alleviates soil compaction.

Soil compaction happens quite often in Colorado, especially in the Centennial area where the soil is sandy and thick, rather than rich with nutrients. These larger dirt particles are more likely to get washed into a flat surface and with each consecutive year, those soil particles get packed harder and harder together, not unlike a hiking trail getting packed down. This doesn’t make it easy for things to grow in the soil and can make it difficult for your grass to truly thrive. Aeration makes sure the hard pack of the soil doesn’t starve the roots of your lawn.

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