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Perfect Your Natural Oasis

Creating your own little slice of nature is a part of the human experience. For thousands of years, humans have convened with an enjoyed pieces of natural beauty that they created just for themselves. From royal gardens inside castles to stunning, well-tended gardens on the sides of little homesteads dotting the countryside, the urge to nurture a private space filled with natural beauty is undeniable. Luckily though, you won’t need to till the earth, dig the holes, plant the seeds and wait years for everything to cultivate. Instead, you can choose Easy Green Landscaping to help you make your own little slice of heaven in your Lone Tree home’s backyard.

Easy Green Landscaping provides a wide variety of landscaping maintenance and design services that are crafted specifically to make it easy for the local population to enjoy the outdoors without too much hassle. We provide full landscaping design that includes helping you determine your style, the kinds of plants you want and are willing to care for and the implementation of that design. We also have a wide selection of maintenance services that serve to keep your yard fresh, clean and well-tended year round so that you don’t have to. 

If you’re simply interested in a little help keeping your crass and shrubbery a little healthier, we’re happy to help. Our aeration, fertilization and overall lawn care service is provided by folks with unmatched experience. Because we’ve been doing this so long, we’ve got a special touch when it comes to knowing when to schedule lawn care maintenance around the few predictable weather shifts that Colorado provides us with. You’ll find that your grass is never healthier or greener than when the experts at Easy Green Landscaping are caring for your lawn. 

We also provide tree and bush maintenance for more developed landscapes as well. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on bacteria that’s waging war on the kinds of species you’ve favored. Plus, we’ll be able to help you craft strategies around the best times to get your bushes and trees trimmed. 

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Whatever your individual needs are for your home in Lone Tree, we’ve got you covered. The Easy Green Landscaping family is happy to regularly prove our with to our community by providing premium services for our friends and neighbors. Don’t feel lost on your landscaping for a minute! Let us help you create something beautiful that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy for years to come. Call us to get started today!