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Add a Little Light For Greater Utility

Everyone has seen a landscape lit up at night. Maybe you enjoyed a night time stroll through a hotel garden that was well landscaped and lit or perhaps you favor taking a trip to the wonderful Denver Botanical Gardens for some of their light shows where they allow their landscaping and lighting to take on a completely new feeling during the night time hours. What if this same effect could be achieved in your own yard but with more benefits than the apparent and initial aesthetic update?

Why Invest in Custom Landscape Lighting?

  • Extend your outdoors time
  • A noticeable increase in security.
  • Makes it easier for security cameras to see any potential invaders
  • Warns off potential intruders
  • Makes it easier to see and interact in the dark, therefore avoiding unnecessary accidents
  • Highlights choice landscaping decor
  • Enhances property value 
  • And More

Landscape Lighting

Ever since outdoor lighting options became a more easily accessible perk at the home goods stores, people all over have been trying their hand at lighting design. However, lighting design isn’t something that’s really meant to be DIYed, especially when you want it to provide the most value for your money. Hiring a professional lighting designer for your landscaping is likely the best way to spend your budget as you’ll be getting a design that’s much closer to your Pinterest board ideas than what you could achieve on your own.

For example, the systems that Easy Green Landscaping installs for our customers feature a variety of perks, including a professional lighting design that’s meant to accent and highlight the best parts of your yard. It also includes custom electrical installation that’s designed to make the maintenance for the system much more manageable throughout the year.

Through our service, you’ll be able to sit down with a landscape architect and discover the highlights of your yard that should be put into prominent focus from the beginning. We’ll explore your preferred style of design and how that fits together with your existing landscaping structure. Together, we’ll find the type of lights that you favor, whether they be low-profile and placed in the ground or above ground to add to the existing design. In other words, our full consultation will shed light on what your yard needs from this update.

Explore our lighting services, our existing work and more to get started on your next big home improvement project today.

Illuminate Your Outdoors with BrightView Landscape Lighting

The professional lighting specialists at BrightView Landscape Lighting are excited to illuminate your outdoor spaces with our exceptional services. Whether you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your garden, increase the security of your property, or simply extend your outdoor living hours, BrightView is your go-to source for all your landscape lighting needs.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and our unparalleled expertise, BrightView Landscape Lighting stands as a beacon of excellence for:

  • Providing bespoke lighting solutions that blend aesthetics with functionality, all at competitive rates.
  • Approaching every project with the dedication and care as if we were lighting our own homes.
  • Adapting to your schedule and timeline, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency from start to finish.
  • Offering unmatched warranties and a satisfaction guarantee that shines as brightly as our lighting installations.
  • Going above and beyond to create stunning, durable lighting displays that will surpass your expectations.

We are eager to bring your outdoor spaces to life with our lighting solutions. In the meantime, we invite you to explore our glowing reviews on Facebook and our distinguished status as an Elite Service Provider on Home Advisor. Discover why our customers are delighted with our services – and why BrightView Landscape Lighting is the premier choice for landscape lighting in Parker, Aurora, and Centennial, CO.

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