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Retaining walls are a creative way to elevate your landscape while also bringing you substantial function and support. At Easy Green Landscaping, we help those in Colorado create stunning retaining walls that bring endless possibilities in design. By figuring out your landscaping environment, how your soil is, and what functionality you need, you can customize a retaining wall to build the ultimate outdoor space. Keep reading to learn what types of retaining walls there are to choose from.

Decorative With Function

Colorado is a garden-friendly state. With farmers, expert gardeners, farmers markets, and more, it’s no wonder you see a garden in most Colorado yards. Retaining walls are a visionary, yet productive way to have a garden with style. Decorative retaining walls can vary in height while adding a beautiful visual element with dimension. Garden retaining walls are usually lower to the ground and line landscape features, combining your lush garden with your gorgeous landscape. Easy Green Landscaping can help you build a garden retaining wall that also works with your design goals.

Support Your Soil

Soil is the support of your home and oftentimes, retaining walls are used to aid in the support needed. Cantilever retaining walls are one of the most common types of retaining walls used, as it controls a large amount of the soil. Using a slab foundation building your cantilever retaining wall, you can keep your wall from overturning or sliding. Gravity retaining walls hold soil along with other materials by using its weight. Masonry, stone, and concrete are just some of the materials used in building a gravity retaining wall. Easy Green Landscaping has extensive experience and an expert team to help you with your support.

Structure With Slopes

Retaining walls are an exceptional solution for creating a level space, even with sloping terrain. For driveways with a shallow slope, driveway retaining walls are a great option. For parking lots experiencing runoff or needing drainage, parking lot retaining walls are the perfect solution. Hillside retaining walls are ideal for preventing erosion and restraining soil to a slope, while also adding an impressive look. At Easy Green Landscaping, we can help you decipher which types of retaining walls will provide you with the best structural support.

Customized to Compliment

Not only used for support in sloping areas, but retaining walls can also be used for adding structural integrity and incredible curb appeal. Used in properties of all kinds, you can customize your retaining wall to flawlessly add to your design. With Easy Green Landscaping, you get durable and customized retaining walls, built to compliment your landscape. By working with your landscape, environment, and goals, we can help you create the best retaining wall customized to your needs.

Whether you need soil support, marvelous design, or functionality, retaining walls are a superior option. Knowing the different types of retaining walls available and what they’re used for will help you start your journey to building your dream outdoor space. Work with our passionate experts at Easy Green Landscaping and call us today!

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