How Does the Sod Installation Process Work?

If you are not sure what the sod installation process is or you are worried about finding the right sod company for your install, you need to make sure that you are informed. The process of sod installation can be different depending on the type you choose and the company that installs it. For the best sod services in Denver, you can always trust Easy Green Landscaping.

Measuring the Area

The first step in the installation process is measuring the area. This will tell you how much sod is needed for your installation. You will find that some spaces look smaller than they really are and you will want to have the right amount of sod brought in for your install so that the process can be completed in one step.

Create the Right Soil Mix

The soil will need to be good enough to support your new grass, and your sod installation team will take care of adding the right soil to your existing landscaping to support your new sod. This process will make sure that your sod stays wet and has the right growing environment to thrive after installation.

Unroll the Sod

When the sod is delivered, it will need to be unrolled. This needs to be done in an orderly fashion to make sure that there is no waste of the sod and to be sure that the surface is level and carefully fabricated. The process of unrolling is usually done from one side of the yard to the other.

Press Seams

Once the sod is unrolled, all the edges need to be squared up and the seams need to be pressed together. This will help the sod hold in water after planting and will prevent gaps in your lawn when the sod starts to send out roots to secure itself into your soil. This is an important step that cannot be skipped!

Knowing the Sod Install Process is Important

While you might not be doing this sod installation process yourself, you will want to know the steps that are needed to be sure that your install is going according to plan. Being aware of the process will help you be certain that you are getting what you have paid for. At Easy Green Landscaping, we make sure that your sod install goes smoothly and is done with a high level of attention to detail. Contact our team now to learn more and to start the process of updating your yard with new landscaping.

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