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How it Works? 
1- You fill out the free request form on our website or just give us a call to set up your FREE ESTIMATE.
2- We come out to your property and measure your lawn for SOD and any other service you may need like: Sprinkler Installation/Repair, Tree Services, Fence Install, Stonework, Flower beds and more.
3- We email you an estimate.
4- Once you approve our awesome estimate, you can mail your deposit to us or we can pick it up.
5- Once your deposit is received, your sod installation is scheduled.
6-  You will have a new lawn, professionally installed. Follow our SOD CARE TIPS to insure a healthy lawn.

Soil Prep
Preparing the soil for new sod is the most important step before sodding. A new lawn that has proper soil preparation will use 20% to 40% less water. Soil Prep is the process of roto-tilling compost into the soil. It is a vital part of the sod installation process as it allows sod to establish a deeper root system. By adding compost to the soil, compact clay soils are opened up and sandy soils are closed. This allows more water to either percolate through the soil or allows the soil to retain more water.

Tilling in compost to your yard before sodding is the number one way to conserve water. Soil amendment or compost helps retain water where the grass needs it most, the root system. Compost also adds nutrients to the soil. We use Premium 3® compost when we soil prep prior to grading and sodding. Premium 3® compost is also on the Denver Water approved soil amendment list. Preparing the soil prior to sodding creates a root zone that will retain and conserve water and help you have a healthy yard. 

Steps for Soil Prep:
Established rough grade to the yard.
Spread 3 to 6 yards of compost per 1,000 square feet of yard.
If possible, rip or dig area 7” to 10” deep to break up ground.
Till area 4” to 6” deep.
Roll, wheel pack, or water area to firm up tilled ground. Rain and snow fall will naturally settle tilled ground.
The ground is now ready to be fine graded.
Good soil prep can help your yard use 20% to 40% less water.