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Sod Installation Service in Greenwood Village

Easy Green Landscaping offers top-notch sod installation services in Greenwood Village. Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to transforming your lawn into a lush, vibrant, and healthy green space. Get a quote today.

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Why Sod Installation?

Sod installation is an efficient and effective way to create an instant and beautiful lawn at your Greenwood Village home or office space. Whether you have a new construction project, want to replace your existing lawn, or need to patch bare areas, sod installation is the perfect solution. It provides you with an established lawn that is ready to use in a fraction of the time it takes for grass seed to grow.

Our Sod Inspection Process

At Easy Green Landscaping, we understand that each lawn is unique. Our sod installation service in Greenwood Village starts with a thorough analysis of your property. We consider factors such as soil quality, sunlight exposure, irrigation needs, and usage patterns. Based on this assessment, our experts will recommend the best sod options for your specific requirements.

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Our Sod Installation Process

Once we have determined the right sod for your lawn, our team will start the sod installation process. We meticulously prepare the area by removing any existing vegetation and weeds, clearing debris, and ensuring a smooth and level surface. This allows for proper rooting and healthy growth of the sod. After preparing the soil, we lay the sod with precision and care. 

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A Beautiful Lawn Hassle-Free

With our sod installation services in Greenwood Village, Easy Green Landscaping takes the hassle out of creating a beautiful lawn. Our experienced team will handle every step of the sod installation process, from site analysis to installation and maintenance advice. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results and exceeding our customers’ expectations.


When it comes to sod installation services in Greenwood Village, Easy Green Landscaping is the trusted choice. We provide professional and efficient sod installation, tailored to the unique needs of your lawn. Contact us today to transform your space into a beautiful oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.

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