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Rock & Mulch Installation

Design & Build The Yard You’ve Dreamt Of 

Put The Finishing Touches On

Rocks and mulch provide a finished, premium look to any landscape design. They cover exposed, bare ground, work to make it harder for weeds to pop up and tend to create a more uniform look overall. They’re used for so many different reasons and locations in a yard because they’re so versatile, and most of the time, they’re a relatively inexpensive way of covering the ground when you don’t want to have only grass that could get brown if you don’t water it. Indeed, most folks aren’t aware of the many benefits of using rocks and mulch in a landscape beyond the initial cosmetic ones. 

Where to Put Your Rocks & Mulch:

  • Around Trees
  • In Flower Beds
  • Around Flower Beds
  • Under Bushes
  • Over Dry Patches
  • Weed Problem Areas
  • On Retaining Walls
  • & More

We love the look of mulch of all kinds. You’ll find black, brown and other shades of mulch, mixed in with various different textures, thicknesses and lengths. It’s all there to make personalizing the look of your yard and flower beds easier. But, the texture and type of mulch you choose actually has considerable effects on how you mulch benefits or breaks down into your soil. Fascinatingly, mulch can actually help plants and trees grow stronger because it’s better at holding moisture into the ground, and breaks down slowly to provide nutrients in the soil.

Additionally, mulch can add loads of other benefits to your landscape, beyond just how well the texture of mulch you choose breaks down into the soil. Mulch actually prevents water evaporation, meaning you won’t have to spend as much on water to keep your plants happy and healthy. Mulch is also known for keeping plants and their delicate root system nice and warm throughout the winter. Plus, it reduces soil erosion by impressive amounts, which means the landscape design you paid for won’t be slipping away into the river over time.

Rocks, however, is a great low maintenance alternative and can provide a cleaner, neater look to your yard. Unlike mulch, you’ll never have to replace it with new layers because it’s eroding into your soil. Because they last longer, they’re more inexpensive in the long run of your landscape. They’re also fire proof and weed proof in a way mulch simply can’t compare to. You’ll find they’re wind resistant, and provide a great base for plants that don’t need much water and are very hearty.

Whatever you choose, Easy Green landscaping is here to support you and your vision for your yard.

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