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Keep Your Grass Lush Without Thinking About It

Plants, like us, need nutrients and vitamins in order to thrive. And, like us, they have a spot of trouble getting everything they need out in the wild on their own. Just like it’s hard to get enough potassium and iron in your diet without adding a supplement or two, it’s hard for your grass to get the nutrition it needs from the same old soil it’s been living in for the past 10 to 20 years. 

That’s where regular, scheduled fertilization comes in. However, finding the right schedule to fertilize your own grass is difficult. Plus, identifying the nutrients that your grass is lacking is a job better suited to a landscaper or a plant biologist, rather than the average homeowner. So, how do you ensure that your lawn is healthy and well-kept like you always hoped? Luckily, Easy Green Landscaping makes fertilization services readily available to people all over the Aurora, Centennial and Parker areas.

Why Fertilize?

  • Plants require 17 necessary nutrients to grow and thrive. 
  • Different grass types will remove certain amounts of nutrients from the soil that needs to be replenished by fertilizer. 
  • You can add several types of nutrients at a time to the soil.
  • It promotes healthy soil which can support other types of plants, not just your grass like trees, bushes and ornamentals.


Lawn Fertilization

Everyone knows what fertilizer does, but only a few really know how important fertilizer can be. Most people will blame the way their lawn looks on the weather, pests, and other outside factors, but with the right lawn maintenance schedule, those problems can all be alleviated. Especially if you consider incorporating fertilizer into your regular schedule. Easy Green Landscaping is here to make it easy to explore your options for your lawn maintenance and improve the overall look of your Centennial home’s landscape.

Most folks don’t realize that plants need more than just sunlight and water to grow. Like all living things, plants need nutrients in order to grow to be strong and healthy. Fertilizer activates the nutrients that are already in your soil and helps the plant access them more easily. Some fertilizers even act as replacements for nutrients and allow your soil to replenish it’s natural stores, as it’s not uncommon for lawns to suck the nutrients out of the already bare soil that is common in Colorado. In fact, your soil is probably missing the three key nutrients it needs to support prosperous plant life: phosphorus, potassium, and nitrate. Replacing these and giving your soil the correct amount of water will replenish the soil and reinvigorate it, so you won’t have to suffer from brown, dried grass on your lawn.

Types of Fertilizer

There’s a variety of different types of fertilizer that can be added to your lawn to keep it green and healthy-looking. Fertilizer uses all-natural chemicals, after all, they’re commonly found in soil anyway, but that means that you won’t be harming anything by placing it on your lawn because it’s a totally green and safe solution. You won’t need to concern yourself with the possibility of excess waste making it into the water supply, or something like that, as all of the fertilizer will easily sink into the soil of your lawn and dissolve into the proteins and nutrients your soil and grass need. Indeed, you can even use your own lawn clippings for a cheap and eco-friendly solution to fertilizing when your lawn doesn’t need much outside help.

Contact Easy Green Landscaping To Schedule Your Lawn Care

Here at Easy Green, we’re here to make it easy for you to care for your lawn and make your Centennial home look sharp from the curbside. Indeed, we make lawn care easier than ever before. Rather than having to worry about your own aeration, mowing and fertilization schedule, you can, instead, leave all that extra work to us and just enjoy your lush lawn. Contact us today to learn more.