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Although Colorado brings us diverse weather conditions, it’s still possible to plant an eco and environmentally friendly yard. Colorado encourages living sustainable lives and planting environmentally friendly landscapes or gardens. At Easy Green Landscaping, we offer full-service landscaping for residential and commercial landscapes. Based in Aurora, we are your local landscaping company, proudly offering expert and licensed professional landscape design. Keep reading to learn how you can landscape an eco-friendly yard!

Choose Native Plants

Choosing native plants for your area is a vital part of landscaping an eco and environmentally friendly yard. You’ll first want to research what zone you’re living in, to ensure the plants you are buying can withstand the temperatures of this zone. Colorado is classified as a Zone 5. However, nowadays, a lot of nurseries will label what plants in their greenhouse or garden center are native. At Easy Green Landscaping, we make your native plant search as simple as possible, giving you the experience and knowledge you need to help you make the right plant decision.

Use Organic Pest Control

Another essential component of landscaping an eco-friendly yard is using non-toxic or organic pesticides. This not only improves the quality of your soil’s ecosystem but it improves the quality of your produce, too. As Aurora’s landscaping company, Easy Green Landscaping helps you be proactive with your pest management, versus reactive. When you hire a local landscaping company, you know you’re working with a team who is experienced and familiar with our zone and environment, helping you landscape an eco-friendly yard.

Energy Saving or Solar Lights

A popular landscaping design is using lighting within your landscaping, to highlight the features and beauty. This is also a great feature to allow you to enjoy your space at night while keeping everyone safe. As your local landscaping company, Easy Green Landscaping can provide you with energy-efficient lighting options or solar lighting. This gives you easy access to low-environmental impact lighting keeping with your environmentally-friendly yard. This is also a great way to keep rodents and animals from chewing extra extension cords!

Start Compost and Mulch

Compost and mulch are a crucial part of landscaping an environmentally-friendly landscape and giving you nutrient-rich soil. Not only will this reduce the amount of waste you’re throwing away, but certain materials can be broken down and used as fertilizer. Mulch is also a great way to keep in moisture and prevent water loss in our dry Colorado climate. If you’re looking for sustainable ways of landscaping design, contact Easy Green Landscaping today.

If you’re looking for a superior local landscaping company, contact Easy Green Landscaping. We provide our customers with excellent landscape design options and exceptional customer service. Call us to learn more.

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