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Your lawn is an enormous organism that is full of intricacy and beauty. It requires constant care, certain living conditions, and more to survive and stay healthy throughout the season. But, the things it needs most are water, nutrients, and sunshine. It’ll always have some measure of access to sunshine, but it won’t always be able to readily take advantage of the water and nutrients you’re feeding it. That’s where aeration comes in. It’s there to ensure that your lawn is sure to be able to access everything you’re giving it to support its health and wellness in the long term.

Signs You Need Aeration:

  • Puddles are appearing in your lawn after you water
  • Worn, brown areas or areas with exposed earth
  • Grass won’t moisten, even after watering for some time
  • Grass strands are visibly thinning throughout the yard
  • Color of grass is dull and the lawn is thin and taxed
  • There’s a thick layer of thatch that won’t break down

Why Should I Aerate?

Aeration is a service that you can access when you believe the soil of your yard is “compacted.” When soil gets compacted, it prevents nutrients and water getting to the root system where it’s needed. Overtime, soil gets compacted down by feet stepping over it, by water running through it and eroding the land and the sun baking it down. The grains of soil grow closer and tighter together until they form a shield for the root system in the moist earth below. It acts as a type of shield that wraps around the top of your lawn, and though you may see grass come through it, you won’t see healthy grass break through very often. That’s where aeration comes in.

Aeration is the act of rolling over the yard and plucking small pieces of earth and grass out of the lawn, all the way down to the root level. The act of creating the holes in the soil allows for more air, water and nutrients to penetrate down to the root level. It also allows the compacted shell of earth to loosen, so the roots can continue to access those things.

Luckily, fall is the perfect time to have an aeration service completed for your lawn. It allows the soil and roots to gain access to all those primary needs right before the grass goes back into dormancy for the winter. This ensures that, year round, you’ll have happy, healthy grass that’s easy to seed in when it gets thinned and easier to take care of as a whole.

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